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2 000
5 000
10 000

Create trading strategies from simple text in natural language. Just describe the rules of your strategy and let the magic happen!

Up to 20
Up to 50
Up to 100

Access over 1,000 assets including stocks, indices, currencies, futures and cryptocurrencies, providing a broad spectrum for you to explore opportunities.

Leverage up to 20 years of high-quality data for backtesting your strategies, ensuring a robust foundation for analysis and decision-making.

Unlock all the potential of your trading ideas by using a multi-timeframe approach.

Lacking ideas? Generate new trading strategies instantly with just one click, enhancing your trading approach with innovative, AI-driven insights.

Dive into detailed results and metrics for in-depth strategy evaluation. Export lists of all trades and see all entry and exit points on a dynamic chart.

Tailor your risk management approach with settings focused on two key aspects:

the type of position you’re holding and the risk associated with each trade,

allowing for precise control over your trading strategies.

Manage fees for each trade and asset within your trading strategies,

choosing between commission and spread methods to accurately reflect costs.

Conduct backtests on multiple assets simultaneously, even from different categories, enabling a diversified approach in your strategy analysis.

Adjust and control the maximum historical drawdown of your strategies,

ensuring your investments are managed with precision to mitigate potential losses.

Create and fine-tune alternative versions of your strategies effortlessly with a few clicks.

This process enables you to experiment and iterate,

allowing you to discover the optimal parameters for your trading strategy.


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Max. strategies for execution
Max. capital for execution

Bring your strategies to life with real-time portfolio execution. Experience the thrill of live trading, backed by the precision and reliability of Obside’s advanced algorithmic engine.

Easily connect Obside with a selection of renowned brokers. Our all-in-one platform facilitates smooth integration, allowing you to trade across multiple brokers and assets.

Perfect your trading approach in a risk-free environment with paper trading mode, allowing you to ensure your strategy is well-optimized for real-world application without risking your capital. multiple brokers and assets.

Monitor and manage all your strategies from a centralized, all-in-one dashboard. Keep a close eye on performance, make adjustments and stay in control of your trading journey.


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Increase the visibility of your strategies with targeted community campaigns and reach more users as your strategy becomes a key player in the trading world.

Obside for enterprise

For large businesses that needs more control, dedicated support and a customized experience, we have Obside for enterprise.

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