Turn simple text into automated trading strategies ✨

How Obside is saving your time

We make it 500x faster and cheaper to create your own trading bot.

How quickly can you test your trading strategy ?

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Revolutionize your trading: Uncover, Compare, Succeed!

Your strategies, like never before

See the strengths and pitfalls of your trading strategy through in-depth metrics and results.
Create and compare alternative versions of your strategy with simple tweaks. It’s never been easier to find what works and what doesn’t!

Profit from your very own ideas

Run your strategies live across a variety of award-winning brokers and monetize them on our public marketplace. Wanna test the waters first? Deploy and refine your strategies in a risk-free simulation mode.

Invest in talented traders

Explore the strategies from fellow users within the marketplace. See something you like? Easily connect it to your brokerage account and start reaping the rewards of automated trading.

Think. Test. Win. 🚀

You have a trading strategy idea or hypothesis in mind? Type it like you think it, see the results on past data and execute it on your own portfolio. We cover 1000+ assets over 20 years of price history.

Effortlessly craft your trading strategies in minutes

Transform your ideas from plain language into advanced trading bots
Explore 1,000+ assets over 20 years of price history
Conduct accurate and detailed backtests across multiple assets simultaneously
Tailor your strategies with customized risk management

See your trading strategy like never before

Gain comprehensive insights with in-depth results and metrics
Get instant AI-Powered trading ideas
Benefit from automated adjustments for maximum drawdown control
Easily create alternative versions of your strategies in just a few clicks

Execute strategies on your favorite brokers

Test and refine your strategies in a risk-free simulation mode
Connect easily and trade across multiple renowned brokers
Run your strategies live with real-time portfolio execution

Share and explore strategies on the Obside Marketplace

Monetize your strategies within the community
Discover and implement strategies from fellow users on your own portfolio
Boost your strategy’s visibility with targeted community campaigns

Simplify, Test, Connect: Obside makes trading algorithms effortless


With Obside, creating a trading algorithm is lightning-fast and has never been simpler. Shave off hundreds of hours of coding or manual backtesting!


We’ve baked a state-of-the-art trading engine that enables you to backtest your strategy and get precise metrics and results. Works cross-asset and cross-timeframes.


Run your trading strategies by connecting them to your brokerage account. Think you’re onto something great? Share it on the marketplace and monetize your skills!

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!

Choose the assets and historical period on which to test your strategy
Type your trading strategy in plain language
See your strategy’s results and run it live


Obside for enterprise

For large businesses that needs more control, dedicated support and a customized experience, we have Obside for enterprise.

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